10 Back to School Tech Tips for a Successful Academic Year

August 31, 2023by TNTMAX

With another school year just around the corner, it’s important to set yourself, or your child, up for cyber-success. 

From virtual classrooms to digital textbooks, integrating technology into your back-to-school routine can greatly enhance your learning experience. To help you start the year right, here are 10 back-to-school tech tips to put into practice.

Update Your School Software

Regularly update the software provided by your school, including learning management systems (LMS) and classroom apps. These updates often contain security fixes and new features that enhance your learning experience.

Use School-Provided Wi-Fi Carefully

When using your school’s Wi-Fi network, ensure it’s the official network provided by the institution. Public Wi-Fi networks may not be secure and can expose your data to potential threats.

Secure Your Student Accounts

Set strong, unique passwords for your school-related accounts, such as your LMS, student portal, and email. Change these passwords periodically and never share them with anyone.

Practice School Email Security

Be cautious with emails from unfamiliar senders, especially those asking for personal information or containing suspicious links. Cybercriminals often target students with phishing emails.

Protect Your School Devices

If you’re using school-issued devices, keep them locked when not in use and ensure they’re password protected. This prevents unauthorized access and safeguards your school-related data.

Organize with Digital Note-Taking

Utilize digital note-taking apps like Microsoft OneNote or Google Keep to stay organized. Make sure to use your school accounts and enable two-factor authentication (2FA) for an added layer of security.

Use School-Approved Software

Install only school-approved software and apps on your devices. Unapproved software might compromise the security of your device and school network.

Respect Online Classroom Norms

When attending virtual classes, follow your school’s guidelines for online behavior. Avoid sharing inappropriate content, and remember that online interactions are an extension of your school environment.

Back Up Your Schoolwork

Regularly back up your assignments, projects, and important documents to a secure cloud storage service provided by your school. This ensures you don’t lose valuable work due to technical issues.

Embrace Digital Textbooks

Consider using digital versions of your textbooks. E-books are often more portable, searchable, and can be a more cost-effective alternative to traditional print textbooks.

Be Cautious with Social Media

Exercise caution when sharing information about your school schedule or location on social media. Oversharing can inadvertently expose you to privacy risks.

Protect Your Digital Well-Being

Maintain a healthy tech-life balance by setting screen time limits, taking regular breaks, and practicing digital detoxes. Prioritize self-care and engage in offline activities to prevent burnout.

By integrating these 10 essential tech and cybersecurity practices into your back-to-school routine, you’ll establish a strong foundation for a secure, productive and enriching academic year. 

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