Cybersecurity Week 4 – Training Your Human Resources

October 25, 2019by TNTMAX

This is Frederic Farcy from TNTMAX, and we are halfway through Cybersecurity Awareness Month. We hope that the videos series we posted so far have been helpful in navigating the cybersecurity landscape maze that can be quite overwhelming and scary. Our goal is to provide you the confidence and guidanceneeded to tackle Cybersecurity requirements, in order to keep your organization safe and secure. In this video, we will continue to look at best practices for your business when it comes to cybersecurity awareness and we will focus on Training. To my humble opinion this is one of the key requirements that is often overlook or rush through. I think organization as whole need to spend more time on the proper training of their staff in Cybersecurity threat prevention and awareness. Your staff can be your best defense or your biggest liability when it comes to protecting your company’s resources. One person clicking on malicious link in an email – even one that looks very legitimate – can cause your company’s entire network to be subject to a ransomware attack. Training and awareness are key in preventing and reducing these potentially disastrous events that are very costly to your organization.Management must be involved throughout the entire training process. Whether you have 3 employees or 3000, everyone at every level of the organization must be trained in cybersecurity awareness prevention, and they must have a solid understanding of the company’s information securities policies and procedures requirements. Most larger companies, and companies dealing with compliance regulations (example doctor’s office under HIPAA and financial offices under FINRA and/or SOX) must designate a security officer
who will be accountable and responsible for implementing and enforcing the security policies and procedures in order for the company to meet its compliance requirements. Smaller companies and organizations are often responsible for implementing the same security policies and procedures to meet their own compliance requirements, without having the benefit of dedicated staffing. Proper staffing and resources must be in place to develop and implement training programs for your staff and management that will meet your organization compliance and security requirements. The training program must be updated on a yearly basis to ensure it address any new requirements in security or compliance the company must comply with. In addition, the training of all staff and management must be refreshon a yearly basis to ensure that everyone in the organization is kept up to date with the latest security and compliance requirements, this vital to help keep you company and client information safe and secure. It’s vital for staff to be regularly be informed about the cyber security risks and to be trained on how to avoid them. As IT provider we advise our clients on how to navigate all these issues.Call TNTMAX if you have any unanswered questions, and we will be glad to help you create and implement an effective IT security training plan.