Advisory: Critical Patches Issued for Microsoft Products

December 1, 2022by TNTMAX

Multiple vulnerabilities have been discovered in Microsoft products, according to a report from the New Jersey Cybersecurity & Communications Integration Cell. The most severe vulnerabilities could allow for remote code execution in the context of the logged on user.

Depending on the privileges associated with the user, an attacker could be able to install programs; view, change, or delete data; or create new accounts with full user rights. For users whose accounts are configured to have fewer user rights on the system, there might be less of an impact compared to those who operate with administrative user rights.

A full list of all vulnerabilities can be found here.

Recommendations include: 

  • Applying appropriate patches or appropriate mitigations provided by Microsoft to vulnerable systems immediately after appropriate testing.
  • Applying the Principle of Least Privilege to all systems and services, and running all software as a non-privileged user to diminish the effects of a successful attack.
  • Reminding all users not to visit untrusted websites or follow links/open files provided by unknown or untrusted sources.
  • Using capabilities to prevent suspicious behavior patterns from occurring on endpoint systems.

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