Case Study: TNTMAX as Managed Service Provider to New Jersey Tile Company

May 30, 2019by TNTMAX

Boosting a company’s transformation by maximizing their capabilities through information technology is our biggest source of pride at TNTMAX. We are a managed service provider for New Jersey businesses whose passion inspire us to help fulfill their vision and goals. As operations become ever so reliant on IT and these technologies continue to advance, we have found that many owners struggle to keep up with or consistently apply the best practices that could move their company forward.

Typical symptoms of dynamic technological shifts are overstretched managers and in-house IT staff. In some cases, in-house staff don’t always get the opportunity to continue their training, and are therefore inexperienced with handling a business’s growing technology needs. Managed IT services can successfully bridge this gap. Taking advantage of the specialized experience with a managed service provider like New Jersey’s TNTMAX allows us to demonstrate a firm understanding about what is working for your business today, what new technologies could be incorporated to push growth further, and a keen interest in keeping your cost and work disruptions down.

It goes without saying that we aim to provide superior and professional services with a focus on building lasting relationships.

At TNTMAX, we are not just concerned about your IT needs. We are interested in the bigger picture. Our services help NJ businesses:

  • improve engagement with customers on the shop floor,
  • readily access information necessary to close sales,
  • perform business operations efficiently, and
  • maintain continuity across your organization.

We do this by listening to our client’s needs and concerns instead of forcing an agenda, because no two clients are exactly the same. We provide recommendations only after conducting an audit of your existing systems.

Our past clients will attest to our holistic approach and expertise at implementing a custom IT strategy with best practices to make their vision for sustained growth a reality.

Find out below how TNTMAX helped a local tile company with their ambitious expansion goals surrounding their unique IT needs. This case study will highlight our commitment to our client’s satisfaction and help you determine whether your business experiences similar IT challenges. Could outsourcing to a managed service provider in New Jersey be the right choice for you?


Wayne Tile & the IT Challenges They Faced


More than 60 years ago, Wayne Tile, a family-owned business, sold tile in three different colors out of a small garage. Today, the company operates out of five showrooms and design centers with a total warehouse space of about 110 000 square feet. Their consultants travel the world to discover and source the best tile products (in the latest sizes, colors, and finishes), stock them, and sell them wholesale or retail. Currently, their extensive inventory includes over 100 lines of tile. The business continues to grow its network of distributors for its products.

As the company grew through the years, it came to rely heavily on technology to run successfully. Connecting their multiple sites and warehouse to manage their product inventory centrally in real-time and providing point-of-sale support to showrooms depended on technology to execute orders correctly and keep their customers happy.

However, as the company expanded, their IT provider lagged, and it didn’t take long for IT issues to become a daily occurrence that hampered their productivity and revenue growth. Wayne Tile needed comprehensive IT support for their growing company. They wanted a new IT partner who could deliver quickly. They needed a partner who offer specific, strategic solutions to ongoing issues, provide planning for disaster and data recovery, introduce top-class security measures and offer short- and long-term recommendations that emphasized a return on investment. We at TNTMAX were happy to demonstrate that our services fit the bill perfectly on all these requirements and more.


How Outsourcing to a Managed Service Provider in New Jersey Revolutionized Wayne Tile


After TNTMAX was selected to manage Wayne Tile’s IT, we performed a comprehensive audit of the company’s existing IT infrastructure for all its locations. Results from our analysis served as the basis for compiling a plan of action to address immediate ongoing issues and for the long term. We put together a plan to address the company’s need for faster communication, both internally and client-facing, better security to protect their data and infrastructure, higher fault tolerance for increased reliability, a mixed environment with local and cloud virtual servers for a more effective and responsive disaster recovery strategy.

  • We increased the security layers across all the company’s websites and email communication and resolved the slow speeds of communication between sites.
  • We transferred some information assets to the Cloud where it served them best.
  • We implemented a Virtual Private Network and Virtual Private LAN Service with features including two-factor authentication for secure remote access.
  • We set up staff training exercises to promote compliance.


IT Services Provided to Wayne Tile

Wayne Tile, like any successful business, thrives on relationships, effective communication, secure transactions and satisfying customer demands. Here are some of the IT services the company required to accomplish these ideals and supersede expectations.

Website Hosting

A company like Wayne Tile relies on their website to showcase their tile products because prospective customers typically research the different styles available first. Even though many still end up walking into one of their physical stores, the visual presentations displayed on the website help prospects imagine what their homes would look like with new tiles. This follows the current trend in e-commerce – Researching Online and Purchasing Offline (ROPO).

TNTMAX, a managed service provider for New Jersey businesses, offers website hosting services for our clients, providing the required software, support, and security. We’ve helped Wayne Tile keep their website published with faster connection speeds.


Database Administration

Wayne Tile relies on accurate inventory, sales, and cost tracking across multiple locations to fulfill their orders and deliver top-class customer service. This requires efficient backend infrastructure and up-to-date operating systems to handle large data volumes and real-time transactions. TNTMAX offers superior IT infrastructure management with personal support.


Malware Protection

Malicious hackers are constantly changing their tactics to try and steal directly from your company and employees. Or they attempt to divert your computer’s resources for their use. All it takes is for someone to click on an infected link accidentally while online using a network computer or to insert an infected USB and open the gates for malicious software to wreak havoc. The effects can range from mildly irritating because of very slow computers to monetarily devastating when huge sums must be paid. Malware can take on many forms:

  • Spyware that monitors the activities on a computer to steal usernames and passwords,
  • Ransomware that can lock up entire networks of computers that only the hacker can unlock after the business pays the hacker a ransom,
  • Adware that displays unwanted popup adverts or redirects your browser to different websites interfering with workflow,
  • A Browser Hijacker that redirects a browser to a different site for nefarious reasons, sometimes to entice the user to accidentally click and download further malware,
  • Worms that spread from computer to computer by duplicating itself into many copies to modify files or to inject other malware to the network.


TNTMAX has put state-of-the-art security in place to help Wayne Tile safeguard sensitive information from threats, hackers, and data breaches so they can maintain the trust of their customers.


Backup and Disaster Recovery

Businesses generate vast amounts of data today thanks to internet-connected technologies. As a result, efficient methods for securing business data are required. Business owners should be aware that the different forms of data backup offer varying degrees of reliability and usability:

  • File-Based backups save specific files or folders and allow you to restore individual files, although it can be a time-consuming process.
  • Image-Based backups take pictures of everything on the machine and allows more complete restoration of files. They make it possible to run remote offices using virtual machines.
  • Local Backup uses an on-site device for data storage and offers quick access. It is unwise to rely on them as the sole backup source in the event of an office-wide disaster.
  • Direct to Cloud Backup uses an off-site cloud service for storing data. An internet connection is required, and the speed of data transfer will depend on the bandwidth speed.
  • Hybrid Cloud Backup makes use of both local and cloud backups, taking advantage of their best features to transfer your data as promptly as you need them.


TNTMAX provides reliable disaster and data recovery for Wayne Tile, ensuring that inventory, customer and other critical data are accessible when needed. Wayne Tile can focus on maintaining good relationships with its customers, suppliers, and distributors.


Wayne Tile Today

Today, Wayne Tile no longer worries about uncomfortable transitioning periods for IT consultants due to turnover. Continuity is integral to the services we provide through the use of a dedicated TNTMAX consultant, allowing for better and more efficient support. We resolved the technical lapses in communication between sites and increased the speed. The outcome of this immediate win was increased productivity and confidence during customer interactions. Besides, Wayne Tile knows that if an issue occurs to their technology, someone from TNTMAX will be available to resolve it.

At TNTMAX, we pride ourselves in the value we place on relationships and our ability to customize solutions based on our clients’ unique needs. If you believe your company’s projection for growth is going to outpace or currently outpaces your IT support, we would be happy to set up a consultation to discuss how outsourcing your IT services to a managed services provider like New Jersey’s TNTMAX can benefit your mission.