Is Cloud Computing Right for your NJ Business? TNTMAX’s IT Services in Bergen County Can Help You Decide

August 16, 2018by TNTMAX

Even though The Cloud was actually invented almost 50 years ago, many people are still hesitant to convert to cloud computing. Business has been revolutionized by The Cloud in so many ways, but the process can be overwhelming, confusing, and tricky at times. In this article, experts from TNTMAX’s IT services in Bergen County outline the benefits that your Garden State business could reap from transferring to cloud-based business.

E-commerce makes it possible for companies to do all of their business directly online rather than having a warehouse or brick-and-mortar shop. Customers receive service and answers to their questions at the touch of their phones wherever they are in the world and at any time, night or day. Instant gratification is the norm for the modern consumer-business relationship. These expectations have a big impact on the IT infrastructure supporting a business.

For tech startups that began in university dormitories or parents’ garages and grew into major worldwide corporations, their reliance on cloud computing is perhaps obvious. Closer to home, for our local New Jersey businesses, though, what could cloud computing offer in terms of profitability? What could a company like TNTMAX, IT services in Bergen County, do to increase your bottom line?


What are the benefits of cloud-based IT services?

Cloud computing allows businesses to run applications and programs for their business directly through the Internet. In the past, these applications or software would need to be downloaded to a physical computer or server that exists on their premises. Software licensing, maintaining the server infrastructure, updating numerous applications are a few of the concerns an IT department had to deal with.

Converting just a few elements of your business to The Cloud could improve your efficiency and profitability. Experts from TNTMAX’s IT services in Bergen County outline the benefits that your Garden State business could reap from transferring to cloud-based business.

1. Reduce Costs Associated with Physical Servers

Running an on-premise data center involves additional expenses. First, you have to own the right hardware for your servers and network maintenance. Hiring IT service experts to install the equipment adds labor costs. Then there’s the management of your systems over time – licensing, electricity, and of course hiring those IT experts time and time again to diagnose malfunctions, repair any damage done by malware & viruses, and back up your systems.

Depending on the type of applications, callouts and data processing that are fundamental to your business operations, a cloud-based model, whether complete or hybrid, may amount to monetary savings if the stated costs above exceed the costs of operating the same system from The Cloud. This makes for an exciting challenge when you work with the right partners.

2. Simplified Scalability for your Expanding Business

A growing business means growing customer volume, more staff, and therefore increased digital traffic. All of which puts pressure on your existing infrastructure. Traditionally, this meant the purchase of additional servers, licenses and more work for your IT personnel. By comparison, scaling with an existing cloud service is simple. A basic upgrade and extension of services will have new staff and new locations up and running on your shared server in no time.

3. Meet & Exceed Customer Expectations

The ability to work and shop from our mobile devices anytime, anywhere has shaped our consumer culture to expect speed, efficiency, and access to information in an instant. This trend shows no sign of slowing down anytime soon, either.

Don’t lose business due to slow customer service. Customers are attracted to convenience and will gladly buy from whatever company provides it. Loyalty is at an all-time low, so if your business isn’t able to respond to customer inquiries or locate the products they need right away, you can bet you’re losing potential customers every day.

With cloud-based inventory management tools, staff can instantly check inventory at multiple locations for the products your customers need.

Inventory checks can be done from one computer for all of your locations, rather than sending staff from store to store to check accounts to replenish stock.

4. Convenient Data Backup

Data is often an undervalued business resource – that is until it’s lost or compromised. Whether due to natural disaster, hardware failure, staff error, or malicious outside cyber-attack, losing your company data is disastrous for business.

In the new cloud economy, stored data is its own backup, a prized feature of The Cloud. Your data can always be accessed through the internet. (If you’re concerned about the security of having your data on The Cloud, scroll down for more about how IT Consulting in New Jersey company TNTMAX protects your data.)

5. Flexibility and Collaboration

The ability to access useful information on the go from any location allows staff members to complete tasks without being chained to an office desk. In addition, collaboration to complete projects is possible even when members are across continents. Flow sheets, documents, and folders are available on demand which eliminates repetitive tasks or redundant ones. Project management could be streamlined in this way.

Cloud-based benefits for static businesses (i.e. manufacturing)

Think your business is too rooted in one place to have any need for The Cloud? Even manufacturing companies can be modernized by cloud-based business. Just consider how remote monitoring, control, and resource handling could be taken care of instantly from any remote location off-site. Many enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems are going digital to monitor customer demand, schedule deliveries, and track resources. Even complex supply chains can reduce excess, cut shrink, and deliver to customers faster than ever.


What types of IT services are Bergen County businesses transferring to the cloud?


Many businesses in Bergen County are already taking advantage of the benefits offered by utilizing TNTMAX’s IT consulting services.

Instead of on-premise systems, businesses have migrated the following IT services to the cloud:

Email and messaging services: Cloud-based messaging services mean instant communication from customer inquiries to staff communication between locations.

Storage backup: Dedicated cloud storage companies have made it their business to provide space for your billions of bytes of data.

Business accounting or payroll for small businesses: Reconciling shared accounts after changes have been made is now easier with cloud-based software.

Hiring and HR management Activities: A cloud talent management system provides a platform for ongoing coaching, continuous and effective feedback systems which raises productivity as changes can be made as and when needed.

Competitive software as a service app: Software providers have made companies rethink their need for customized applications. You’ll have your pick of their most innovative features.


Ready to Transfer to The Cloud? Where to start?

Your existing operating model will determine your company’s ease and readiness to adopt cloud computing technology. Your IT systems, often unseen, are its backbone and without proper management of the transfer process, your day-to-day operations could be interrupted.

1. Prepare your staff. Be prepared for a learning curve, and prepare your staff for the change. Explain all the benefits that they will directly see in their daily work environment.

2. Ensure your internet connection is suitable. Cloud technology means nothing without access to very fast and stable internet connection. Thankfully, this should not be a problem in Bergen County. Internet bandwidth should feature in your calculations to determine whether it’s more cost beneficial to transfer to the cloud. Businesses that rely on the transfer of media-rich data in and out of the cloud should pay special attention.

3. Partner with an IT firm like TNTMAX to determine what parts of your business could be streamlined and to ensure a smooth transition.

TNTMAX is your best choice for managing your IT services in Bergen County, NJ. Their experts work with both small and large companies to integrate cloud computing into their operations. They also make it their business to stay abreast of the most innovative and state-of-the-art technology to ensure your business benefits from the best.

TNTMAX takes the time to get to know your unique business in order to perfectly tailor tech solutions to your needs.

Just because The Cloud makes remote work possible, there are times when you’ll need an expert who can show up when the going gets rough. If you’re located anywhere in New Jersey or the New York City area, TNTMAX is easily accessible. By turning to TNTMAX IT services in Bergen County, you’ll benefit from locals who know your market and environment and can be available to meet in person as needed.

Data Security & Compliance

With more and more cloud-based services and products than ever, businesses need to fortify their cyber defenses to prevent security threats. TNTMAX assesses your company’s cyber vulnerabilities and creates a customized cyber defense plan that protects valuable data and company assets from malicious hackers. From conducting pen tests to installing up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software, we give you peace of mind that your network is safe and secure.

Health insurance providers, hospitals, and other businesses within the healthcare industry must comply with HIPAA standards (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act). TNTMAX understands the legalities of compliance and makes it easy for healthcare employees and employers to meet regulations. We provide the necessary cyber defenses to keep medical records safe and secure, as well as training and other cyber ‘musts’ that ensure compliance. TNTMAX also extends our cybersecurity services to companies that need to meet FINRA, SEC & SOX, and FFIEC standards.

Find out more about how cloud computing could be advantageous to your company and the costs involved. TNTMAX is happy to provide a consultation regarding your IT services for Bergen County businesses. TNTMAX provides Managed IT services in Bergen County and the whole of New Jersey, and cloud migration consulting is one component of our expert services.