Covid-19 Updates

May 20, 2020by TNTMAX

TNTMAX staff will continue to work remotely for the foreseeable future, but we are OPEN for business and fully operational. Regardless of where our staff is located, we will provide the same level of excellent service to our clients as if we were working from our office. To aid in this effort, onsite IT visits will only take place if necessary and done so with attention to safety.

If you need TNTMAX for IT or WEB services, please call (201) 891-8686, just as you always do, and an associate will answer your call.
You may also email [email protected] for the IT team and [email protected] for the web team.

We will continue to monitor the situation and will post any updates to our new protocol here. TNTMAX is committed to supporting our clients during this time with the same level of quality and expediency we always have. We understand that many of our clients must work from home now – likely encountering slower internet speeds – and we will continue to assist them to ensure their business operates smoothly. TNTMAX is your trusted technology partner regardless of the circumstance.



TNTMAX has had the honor and privilege of helping out some of our clients and friends who are fighting the war on COVID-19 both on the front lines and behind the scenes.  We have also made our goal to help our local businesses, especially restaurants, with our support during this time.  We’re happiest when we can combine the two!

Here’s what we’ve been able to do so far

  • Eastern Christian Children’s Retreat – 72 staff meals at their 12 group homes & lodges (using Blue Moon Mexican Cafe & Aldo’s Italian Restaurant)
  • Christian Health Care Center – 6 dozen donuts for front line staff caring for residents (Park Wood Deli)
  • Christian Health Care Center – 10 dozen donuts from Cedar Hill Dunkin Donuts (Wyckoff)
  • Wyckoff Police Department – 3 dozen donuts (Park Wood Deli, Midland Park)
  • Wyckoff Police Department – lunch for 10 (Blue Moon Mexican Cafe, Wyckoff)
  • 3 dozen donuts from Park Wood Deli were donated to front line workers as a result of the 9 dozen we bought.
  • Wyckoff Helping Healthcare Heroes – TNTMAX made a donation to help supply meals for front line hospital workers
  • Aldo’s Italian Restaurant – 12 family dinners (approx. 48 people) for TNTMAX employees and their families.