Cybersecurity Week 2 – The Tools You Need

October 9, 2019by TNTMAX

Intro – This is Frederic Farcy, President of TNTMAX with another installment of our Cybersecurity Awareness Month tips and information. This week we will talk about some of the basic core tools that every business must incorporate into their organizational IT policies.

BACKUP – The first is a back-up procedure. What would happen if your company lost all its data? You probably don’t even want to think about it! Do you perform daily back-ups? If so, where are they stored?  Do you perform monthly backup integrity checks? A solid back-up plan is crucial to protect all your information in the event of cybercrime, fire, flood, or equipment failure.

FIREWALL – A firewall is the gate keeper between your organization’s private data and the internet. The role of a good firewall is to authorize, detect, block, prevent, encrypt and filter traffic that goes in and out of your organization. Having a proper firewall installed on your network will protect you, your business, and your clients from cyber threats.

ANTI-MALWARE – An Antivirus software is a software program used to prevent, detect and remove malware (Viruses, Trojan, ransomware, malware, phishing, etc.). Your organization MUST have one installed on all servers, workstations, tablets and smartphones – AND the software must be updated daily.

THE REST – There are many other tools and procedures you need to have in place to ensure a strong cyber security program. Make sure you update all your software (Browser, Operating System, Applications, Website, etc.) to the latest security rollout. Use Encryption and a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when sending sensitive data over the internet. Always keep your guard up when reviewing your email inbox and never click on a suspicious email nor any links or attachments found in that email. Use your “junk” or “block” option to block unwanted messages from a sender.

There are many means of cyber protection available, and I know choosing the right ones for your needs can be confusing and intimidating. Don’t be overwhelmed—we have the expertise, and we want to help. If you have any questions, call TNTMAX and we can advise you on the best plan of defense!

Cyber Security Tools Recommendations


TNTMAX recommended cloud backup services that are able to deliver complete backup solutions.

  • Datto –
  • Veeam –
  • Arcserver –
  • IDrive Small Business –
  • Acronis –
  • SoliarWinds –
  • Backblaze Business –
  • Carbonite –


TNTMAX recommended firewall solutions that are able to deliver comprehensive protection of your network.

  • CISCO firewall –
  • Sonicwall firewall –
  • Sophos firewall –
  • Fortinet firewall –
  • Paloalto firewall –


TNTMAX recommended anti-malware solutions that are able to deliver comprensive protection of your network again (Virus, Trojan, RandsomWare, Adware, RootKit, Physing, etc.)

  • Sophos –
  • BitDeffender –
  • Webroot –
  • Kaspersky –
  • Norton –
  • Trend Micro –