Emergency Transition: Work From Home

March 20, 2020by TNTMAX
It is one thing when we know it’s only temporary – for 1 or 2 days as a result of a
snowstorm or other weather-related issue – but it is something altogether different
when it is for an indefinite period during worldwide pandemic crisis. We are learning
along with everyone else, that working from home for the foreseeable future has
become a much bigger transition than we ever could have imagined. In many cases,
workers around the country are finding out now that their home computer is older,
slower and has fewer features than their work computer and may not have what is
required to work from home for an extended period. We’re also experiencing weak
or sporadic internet with the kids engaged in their remote learning, adults working,
and others in the home streaming shows online. The internet, cellular, and wireless
networks are all at their highest capacity causing major slowdowns and temporary
On the positive side, collaborating remotely is now easier thanks to advancements in
technology over the past few years and a plethora of video conferencing and
collaboration solutions available. The negative we’re seeing currently is that with the
sheer number of people using these solutions at one time puts a huge load on these
systems and they cannot handle it. Users experience slowness, lags, and
interruption of services. This is not surprising and happened from time to time before
this pandemic. The good news is these issues are being worked out and solution
providers are adding capacity to their systems. We just need some patience.
Rather than dwell on the things frustrate us, let us focus on the fact that so many
Americans are able to work from home, million school children are able to continue
their studies online and most everyone is able to get the latest news, stats and
entertainment thanks to technology, cloud technology and the internet. Technology is
not perfect, we know that, and this is why TNTMAX exists – to help address these
issues and provide secure and reliable solutions to people and businesses. We are
thankful for that.
One last recommendation – continue to use the same caution online when you are at
home that your company as taught you to exercise when at the office. Exercise good
cyber security awareness and be aware of emails, texts and posts on social media
with latest virus stats, info, news, etc. Do not click on them. Use trusted sources
only, like the CDC official website. Above all keep calm, wash your hands and use
common sense. We are going to get through this together.