Google and OpenAI Collaborate with White House on Cybersecurity Challenge

August 11, 2023by TNTMAX

In an effort to bolster cybersecurity efforts in the United States, The White House is collaborating with four leading artificial intelligence companies. The innovative “AI Cyber Challenge (AIxCC)” is designed to safeguard the nation’s critical infrastructure from potential cyber threats.

Revealed during the Black Hat USA conference in Las Vegas, the challenge brings together experts and AI models developed by Anthropic, Google, Microsoft and OpenAI. The primary objective is to create advanced systems capable of identifying and rectifying software vulnerabilities. It is being hosted by The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and includes a substantial $20 million in prizes for the creators of the most effective solutions. These solutions are intended to play a pivotal role in securing essential government infrastructure, including transportation networks and electrical grids, The Verge reported.

Addressing the Scale of Security

Perri Adams, DARPA program manager, emphasized the urgency of addressing security concerns on a grand scale. 

“AIxCC represents a first-of-its-kind collaboration between top AI companies, led by DARPA, to create AI-driven systems to help address one of society’s greatest challenges – cybersecurity,” Adams said in a press release. “In the past decade, we’ve seen the development of promising new AI-enabled capabilities. When used responsibly, we see significant potential for this technology to be applied to key cybersecurity issues. By automatically defending critical software at scale, we can have the greatest impact for cybersecurity across the country, and the world.”

The Timeline of Competition

Up to 20 teams are expected to kick off the competition with a qualifying event in the spring. The highest scoring participants will advance to a semifinal round at next year’s Def Con event. The grand finale is set to take place at Def Con 2025, where the top five teams will compete. 

The winners will be required to open source their solutions, making them accessible to a wide range of developers and industries. The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) will serve as a challenge advisor to guide teams in creating AI systems capable of addressing vital cybersecurity issues, such as the security of our critical infrastructure and software supply chains. 

Strengthening National Defenses

The AI Cyber Challenge aligns with a broader strategy to fortify national cybersecurity defenses. Back in March, the White House released a long-awaited National Cybersecurity Strategy which is designed to combat the rising threat of malicious cyber activity we have seen in recent years. The government advised that the plan is intended to “reimagine cyberspace as a tool to achieve our goals in a way that reflects our values: economic security and prosperity; respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms; trust in our democracy and democratic institutions; and an equitable and diverse society.” 

“If successful, AIxCC will not only produce the next generation of cybersecurity tools, but will show how AI can be used to better society by defending its critical underpinnings,” said Adams.

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