How IT Services in Bergen County Can Save $, Reduce Downtime, and Increase Productivity

May 20, 2019by TNTMAX

How IT Services in Bergen County Can Save $, Reduce Downtime, and Increase Productivity


In today’s economy businesses are always looking for the competitive edge. Businesses must come up with innovative ways to cut down their costs drastically to survive these hard times. The question is: what can you do to survive in this age of globalization?


What if we told you there is a proven way to decrease your business costs up to 60% and simultaneously increase your workforce efficiency? TNTMAX is a company providing IT services in Bergen County that focuses on cutting your business costs through outsourcing and increasing your output through our workforce design system. With a company like TNTMAX, you can hire any resource for a fraction of the cost you are paying.


But, how does outsourcing work, logistically?


  1. TNTMAX’s team will meet with you for a comprehensive analysis of your current tech, your overall business goals, and potential new tech needs to meet those goals.
  2. We will the propose a tech strategy with several options for meeting your business goals. Examples include transferring portions of your business to the Cloud to streamline workflow among staff or locations, installing customized web portals for better customer service experiences, or updating your network for a quicker, more secure, backed-up data management system.
  3. Once we’ve agreed on your IT strategy, a team of TNTMAX IT experts will be assigned to your case management. Employees hired for your business will be exactly like employees working in your office. You will be in touch with them through chat, phone and video conferencing. You will assign them tasks and they will report their progress to you or discuss issues just like in any other office environment.
  4. Most importantly, your external team will be supervised by our managers, who will always be there to monitor your employees and make sure that everything runs smoothly. You’ll also receive regular updates on project progress and system monitoring.
  5. If your business is in New Jersey or nearby New York counties, we’re local enough to drop by the office for any urgent tech needs to make sure your business doesn’t experience downtime in the event of a mishap.


Benefits of Outsourcing


Let’s talk more specifically about the benefits of outsourced IT support for your business:

  1. Saves you time: Rather than spending weeks learning how to DIY components of your tech, such as website design or customer relationship management tools, let the experiences pros at TNTMAX give you instant recommendations and set your system up within hours, rather than days or weeks. When you hire a team of specialists, you’re hiring their acquired knowledge from years of training and experience working in a variety of industries.
  2. Allows leverage for growth: This implies leverage for growing your business much faster. There are so many tasks to complete during the start-up phase for example, that you could delegate tasks to 2 or 3 virtual tech assistants to all work toward your launch goals simultaneously. For example, a team setting up your website, designing your digital marketing plan, and setting up your in-house network or commerce portals all while you’re free to focus on other administrative tasks. Imagine just how much faster you can grow your business compared to what you could have achieved alone.
  3. Lower Costs: Again using the website development as an example, imagine the amount of money you could save when hiring an experienced expert to set up your website in 20-30 hours, compared to a business owner attempting to DIY the site over the course of several weeks. (And potentially having to hire a specialist to fix mistakes or work out bugs that the owner runs into.) Our goal at TNTMAX is to provide you with the most cost-effective solutions to meet your business growth goals – you’ll have access to all of our resources, apps, software, stock images, and more without being nickel-and-dimed for services you would otherwise purchase individually.
  4. Continuous Workflow & Risk Management: With tech specialists making up our team from around the world, TNTMAX can be put to work on your business around the clock. And if an interruption occurs, such as data loss, server breakdowns due to power failures or employee mistakes, our team is ready to get your system back online as quickly as possible to reduce downtime. We are seasoned pros when it comes to data backup and disaster recovery, so you won’t waste time trying to figure out where to start on your own.
  5. Increasing Productivity: Most business processes can be divided into core processes and non-core processes. Core processes are the services and products that your company offers to the public – what you specialize in. Non-core processes would include all the other operations that go into keeping your business running and offering your products/services to the public. In today’s global economy, every start-up, every organization, every Fortune 500 company, as unique as they are, all have one common objective: “to improve processes and cut rising operational costs”. TNTMAX can help you achieve these goals by providing one of the best IT services in Bergen County. Let us put our core processes to work for you so that you can focus on your core processes.


Types of Outsourcing


There are several types of outsourcing strategies, so let’s examine each and explain how TNTMAX fits into the picture.

  1. Offshoring: This is when a business relocates its productions or services from one country to another. The offshoring of products involves the relocation of physical manufacturing process to a lower-cost destination. This is called product offshoring. For example, many manufacturers outsource the manufacturing of goods to China or Vietnam, where they can take financial advantage of lower standard wage rate, inexpensive land environmental regulations and huge economies of scale.
  2. Nearshoring: This is when a business outsources its operations, especially IT, to a company in a nearby country. The two countries usually share a border with each other. Both parties expect a benefit from one or more of the following dimensions of proximity:
  1. Geographic
  2. Temporal
  3. Timezone
  4. Cultural
  5. Social
  6. Economic
  7. Political
  8. Historical linkages

Similar time zones ensures that neither you or your partner need to work overtime in night shifts in order to synchronize meetings. Proximity allows for less expensive face to face meetings that will most certainly increase the productivity of the collaboration. Due to few cultural differences can help the communication to be more effective between the two parties. This method is still cost effective as the problem solving can be done quickly.

3. Onshoring: In onshoring the business relocates its productions or services to another company within the same country. This is the type of outsourcing your company would experience with TNTMAX, located right here in Bergen Country, NJ. There are several advantages to onshoring:

  1. Lead times
  2. Quality of developers
  3. Accessibility
  4. Lack of import tax

By reaching out to an IT service provider in Bergen County like TNTMAX, Garden State businesses take advantage of local experts who can get to know your business and the market it serves more easily.


Types of IT Outsourcing Models


Most of the new businesses need the right technology to carry out their operations. This mainly relies on the right type of IT services. There exist different kinds of IT services that can help support the functionalities of your business. New tech is developed every single day, and it becomes difficult for an in-house IT team to track these changes on a regular basis. You can carry out your operations while keeping track of the technological changes in a cost-effective way. The answer is to outsource your business’s IT services to a company that has a team devoted to keeping their finger on the pulse of ever-changing technology.

The frequently outsourced IT consulting services in Bergen County companies like TNTMAX include web, database, and software development, technical support, telecommunications, and infrastructure and application management. The major influential element in your contract should be the type of support model offered by the IT services provider.

Here are the common outsourced IT support models.

Time Dependent Model

This is a simple model. In this model, you will contact your IT service provider only when there is a requirement to fix something. There would be an hourly rate charged to you by the provider for their services. Usually, this model comes with a 30-day warranty for the services provided. It is a great way to call on help when you need it, without having a monthly ongoing expense. However, long-term, this strategy becomes cost inefficient.

Software Vendor Model

A software vendor model is used to describe a relationship in which a business purchases a type of software and takes advantage of the IT support that comes along with that specific software provider. For example, if you were to purchase a bookkeeping software, its provider would offer set-up and installation, training, and troubleshooting for as long as you’re using the software (and sometimes with a minor additional fee). Since the software vendor is providing support for their own product, it is assured to be functioning smoothly. This type of IT service does not take care of any other tech needs outside the software, though.

Development Team Model

This model works best for businesses that need to achieve a set goal within a specific period of time. For example, if you’re getting a new website developed, outsourcing the project to a team like TNTMAX would mean that for a set period of time, our experts would be working solely on your project until its completion. With a dedicated development team, your business can make use of all the services that the IT service provider can provide that relate to the project, and you’ll be able to stay within a set agreed-upon budget specifically for that project.

Managed IT Services Model

In this model, you can access the range of IT support services with a fixed monthly rate.  These include on-site and over-the-phone support, as well as security, disaster recovery, end-user, and backup support services. This model works out best for businesses that are looking to get long-term support. This is the most common type of IT management services that TNTMAX offers to our clients.

Every business’s working ways are unique. Therefore, it is highly recommended to give us a call at TNTMAX for a consultation in IT services in Bergen County. Together, we’ll discuss your goals and objectives with the expert as it can help boost your chances to get the best IT support for your business.