How TNTMAX Can Help You With Cybersecurity All Year Long

October 27, 2023by TNTMAX

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Cybersecurity Awareness Month may be coming to a close, but at TNTMAX, we shine a light on the importance of cybersecurity 365 days a year. 

Through a range of services, we make sure all the technical elements of your business are working together to keep you cyber safe. Here’s a look at a few services TNTMAX offers that can bolster cybersecurity:

IT Consulting 

IT consultants equip you with the best tech tools and cyber security strategies for your business goals. At TNTMAX, our team of tech experts can get a comprehensive understanding of how your business works, analyze challenges to your growth, and help you determine cost-effective solutions to enable your business to grow seamlessly. 

Using architectural, operational, planning and implementation strategies, we identify potential IT pitfalls in your setup, and determine the best course of action to set you up for business success. As part of our IT Consulting services, we run several assessments that check your hardware, software, peripherals, networking infrastructure, internet connectivity, and more. 

Managed Services

To ensure your business hits sales goals and continues to grow, you should not have to worry about your network and IT infrastructure. If your business needs a system upgrade to keep your technology adaptive and flexible, use TNTMAX to monitor your system and provide routine upgrades and technical assistance for you. Some of our managed services include network monitoring, cybersecurity planning, remote administration, on-site and off-site IT support, and hardware support and installation.

Cybersecurity and Compliance 

With more and more cloud-based services and products than ever, businesses need to fortify their cyber defenses to prevent security threats. TNTMAX will assess your company’s cyber vulnerabilities and create a customized cyber defense plan that protects valuable data and company assets from malicious hackers. From conducting pen tests to installing up-to-date anti-virus and anti-malware software, we give you peace of mind that your network is safe and secure.

Network Monitoring

We use network monitoring to detect any potential connection and device failures and to ensure your operation continues to run at its optimal level. If the response rates decrease or any other unusual behavior is detected, the network monitoring systems alert the site administrator to prevent a minor fix from potentially turning into a larger IT issue that can cost your business in downtime.

Cloud Computing

With fewer costs and greater scalability, more and more businesses are moving to the Cloud. However, if not handled properly, the transition can be difficult. Make sure your business doesn’t waste precious time or money without first assessing your current IT infrastructure in order to define a transition strategy. TNTMAX will identify IT gaps and evaluate your business needs to customize an effective strategy to yield your desired results.

Disaster Recovery

Data loss, whether from a cybersecurity breach or otherwise, can set businesses back critically in procuring lost emails, company records, client files, accounting information, and more. Let TNTMAX handle your disaster recovery plan to ensure that any unexpected disaster doesn’t grind your work to a halt. We will walk you through specific scenarios and the potential aftermath of each. Next, we will identify valuable assets and ways to safeguard them. We may also run tests such as penetration testing to ensure assets are secure from potential harm. 

Backup Services 

TNTMAX provides comprehensive backup solutions for companies looking for quick and easy retrieval should an emergency occur. By integrating an effective backup strategy where we perform frequent backups, companies increase their data protection and boost their operational efficiency. If you face a cyber disaster or technical glitch, you will have peace of mind knowing your data isn’t going anywhere.

Email Hosting

TNTMAX packages email personalization, professionalism, and security all in one with our email hosting services. With dedicated email hosting, you won’t suffer any downtime waiting for slow downloads or dealing with corrupt attachments. 

For more information on how TNTMAX can help your business stay cybersafe, call us at (201) 891-8686 or email [email protected]