How You Can Protect Your Business Against Cybersquatting

January 5, 2024by TNTMAX

Today, protecting your organization’s online presence is crucial, and one of the significant threats that many companies face is cybersquatting. Cybersquatting occurs when individuals register domain names that are similar or identical to established brands, intending to exploit the reputation and goodwill associated with those brands. 

To safeguard your business from the detrimental impact of cybersquatting, it is essential to implement proactive strategies. Here are some tips for organizations to prevent cybersquatting that were recently shared by Brian Levine, Managing Director, EY Cybersecurity & Data Privacy.

Register Your Domain

Securing domain names relevant to your brand is the first line of defense against cybersquatting. Register your primary domain and consider obtaining variations that are likely to be exploited by cybersquatters. To further discourage cybersquatters, opt for longer domain registration periods and set electronic reminders for renewal. This not only deters opportunistic domain grabs but also ensures that you maintain control over your online identity.

At TNTMAX, we offer domain management services that allow you to buy and keep your domain as long as you need it in a private and secure manner. We work on your behalf to purchase any domains you need. When it’s time for renewal, we will reach out to you and make sure that it gets renewed. This means that you never have to worry about missing an email from your provider and losing your domain. On the flip side, you will also never have to worry about auto-renewal leading you to pay for a renewal before you have a chance to cancel if that’s what you intend to do. 

With TNTMAX managing your company’s domain, you are also better protected from scammers trying to steal or move your domain. Many of our clients have received emails, or even letters in the mail, from scammers offering to provide domain listing services. This shows just how easy it is to be fooled — but not if TNTMAX is managing your domain. 

Register Common Misspellings

Cybersquatters often target common misspellings of domain names, attempting to capture traffic from users who mistype URLs. Stay ahead of potential threats by identifying and registering the most common misspellings of your domain. You can also take it a step further by securing any common misspellings so that no one else can take them. 

Secure Additional Domains

At TNTMAX, we always recommend our clients protect their brand by securing additional domains, products and company names as it makes sense for their budget. This can be as simple as owning the .com, .net, .co, and .info iterations of your domain and/or company name. 

Train Employees

Educate and empower your employees to recognize and report instances of cybersquatting and spoofed domains. Conduct regular phishing exercises to raise awareness and enhance their ability to identify potential threats. Additionally, invest in email security solutions to provide an additional layer of protection against phishing attempts and malicious activities.

At TNTMAX, we offer cybersecurity awareness training for you and your employees. Call us today to find out how we can help your business. 

By adopting a comprehensive approach to preventing cybersquatting, organizations can significantly reduce the risk of falling victim to malicious actors seeking to exploit their brand reputation. From proactive domain registration and trademarking to continuous monitoring and employee training, these strategies collectively contribute to a robust defense against the evolving threats posed by cybersquatting and related techniques.