Looking for a Rockland Web Design Company? Here’s why New York businesses are looking to New Jersey’s TNTMAX for their custom web designs

August 26, 2018by TNTMAX

It’s 2019, and if your business doesn’t have a website, then you’re almost guaranteed to be losing customers. Even if a potential client knows about your company, if they can’t pop online to check your business hours or get your phone number to make an appointment, then statistics say 70% of browsing customers will move on to another company who does have an online presence.

So, what are you waiting for?

Many business owners admit that the reason they don’t yet have a website falls into 2 categories: either they don’t know where to start, or they have spent hours trying to build their own site, only to get so frustrated that they set it aside and forget about it altogether.

The fact of the matter is that while there are millions of ads convincing you of having an effortless, dynamic website in an hour or less, the reality of DIY websites is disappointing at best. Look at the major retailers and most successful businesses in your region, and you’ll no doubt be impressed by their digital footprint.   Here are some of our favorite local Bergen County, NJ and NY’s Rockland web design samples to demonstrate what we mean:

Custom web designs stand apart from pre-made themes and templates for many reasons.  Shouldn’t your business stand out from the rest, too?

The Problem with Premade Website Templates & Themes

So, now you’re daydreaming about how great it will be to have an eye-catching, client-attracting website, right? But you’re an entrepreneur – you’re a do-it-yourselfer with motivation in spades. You’re not the kind of person to hire someone to do something you can do for yourself.  After all, you see ads everywhere for DIY websites, so you’re probably convinced that you can toss together a show-stopping site during your lunch break.  Right?

Well, maybe.

A pre-made website is full of brilliant photos and flashy graphics. This option sounds pretty simple at face value. The bones of the site are already laid out for you, so you just have to replace the stock photos and default text with your own content.

Unfortunately, many DIYers get slowed down by the overwhelming amount of choices. When there are hundreds of designs, each more exciting than the next, it’s easy to procrastinate a decision for weeks. So much for being done in a day, right?

The second problem that DIYers encounter is a lack of understanding of the technical side of web development.  Quite often, you don’t realize until after you’ve worked on your site that your pre-made template doesn’t include domain connection or server hosting.  And what if you have a different app for managing appointments or reservations?  You’ll have to determine whether your premade template allows for external app integrations.  Sadly, if it’s not a program that has partnered with the company of your website provider, you’ll have to either pay extra to integrate it or switch apps and start over with one that’s compatible with your new website.

The learning curve can be daunting and can take weeks – even months – to make headway toward getting your contact forms to submit to the proper email, getting your links going to the right places, and finally working out how to resize your own images in a separate photo editor to fit the template properly.

You’re a budding business owner with a full plate already; dedicating that level of time is just not feasible. Your primary objective is to make money, not spend valuable time learning web design.

Restaurant owner Jamie can relate: “If your time and sanity are at all precious to you, just get professional help from the start.  I spent 5 months trying to get my website done, but every week I felt like I wanted to hurl my laptop out the nearest window.”

Drag, drop and done – right?

The idea of a drag-and-drop style site builder is even more enticing – effortlessly picking elements you love and putting them anywhere you want sounds simple enough, right? This is a much more novice-friendly option concerning the back-end developer instruction, but it’s not without its issues.

With this option, it is actually possible to pull off building your site completely within an hour – but you may not like the results. This method of website building is based on standard templates for different industries.   Restaurants, beauty salons, offices of law, landscaping, etc.  All you have to do is pick from a list, enter your business name, contact details, and list of service prices, and the site builder plugs it all in for you.

Some drag-and-drop builders allow you to place elements where you want them, but you’re still picking from a list of models. The limited designs take your creativity and confine it to a set style based on your business type.

Standardization like this can lead to the end results looking amateur. That’s definitely not the impression you want to make on prospective clients.

Not to mention the fact will still remain that not all apps will integrate with your site builder.  If your business uses Square at the registers, Quickbooks for bookkeeping, or Bookeo to make appointments, for examples, you will either have to pay extra to integrate them with your site or switch your whole system to a program that is compatible.

Why Custom Web Design Is Worth the Price

If either of the above options don’t sound like the right fit for your vision, let’s dive into the benefits of utilizing local professionals for a custom web design. TNTMAX in Bergen County reaches across the state line to offer businesses in Rockland web design options that can rescue you from boring web sites.

Over 20 local businesses have already outsourced their Rockland web design work to TNTMAX, and here’s why:

Edge out the Competition With a First Impression that Lasts

The unsurpassed user-friendliness and endless features that a custom website designer can offer will undoubtedly make your business shine.  The phenomenal team at New Jersey’s TNTMAX offer businesses in Rockland web design that reflect their creative vision and technical skillset to create a digital home for your business as bold and exceptional as the services and products that you offer.

No pre-set color schemes here; every design is made to order.

In fact, let’s just take a tour of some of the work they’ve done for businesses here in NJ’s Bergen County and NY’s Rockland County.


Sakura Japanese Restaurant

 If you’re a restaurant owner, check out the stunning website of Sakura Japanese Restaurant’s Wyckoff location. One glance, and you’ll be suddenly craving sushi. TNTMAX’s custom web design talents bring the restaurant to life on your screen. Mesmerized by the animated gallery of rotating Japanese treats,  visitors will know exactly where, when and how to get to this restaurant to indulge in these Japanese delights.



Blue Moon Mexican Café

Have you been over to the Blue Moon Mexican Café lately at any of their four locations around Bergen County?  If so, you know that their brand is full of color, quirk, and Mexican-style personality. That’s why their website had to match.  With custom graphics galore to match their logo and brand style perfectly – even a pair of hot peppers dancing to count down the next Cinco de Mayo party  –  their website lets visitors know that they’re in the right place for their nacho and margarita cravings.  TNTMAX even set them up with a secure web portal to allow their customers to order online from the comfort of their living room.



Pine Island Brewing Company

Speaking of businesses with personality, Pine Island Brewing Company has such a great brand personality that a basic template website wouldn’t cut it.  From the landing page that asks,


before entering the site, you know this brand has character. Rustic, trendy, artistic, and a little bit hipster – their website ensures brand continuity from the tasting room to the web.

A simple drag and drop slideshow can’t compare to the skills of the designers at TNTMAX.


We learn to think like your target audience.

You may know who your clientele is, but this unbelievable team knows how to draw them in. This team has the knowledge to design your website to attract your target audience and entice them to stay and look around.  The average site visitor leaves after only 30 seconds.  Statistics show that if you can keep your visitors on your site for at least 30 seconds, they’ll be there long enough to make a sale.

That’s why TNTMAX has their own team of digital marketing experts & sales copywriters.  We pool our resources to ensure that your website has the visual impact, user-friendly experience, and eloquent edge to capture your audience’s attention and subtly convert them into buyers.

Intuitive Navigation with Customer Service Add-ons

A do-it-yourself website won’t come with tips on how to ensure your site is user-friendly. If visitors to your site can’t easily navigate to the information they need immediately, not only does it hinder their ability to use your product or service, it implies a low quality of customer service from your company in general.  A cluttered or sparse site gives your prospective customer a bad impression of how your company operates.

There’s a fine art to balancing straight-forward site navigation that goes directly to the information point versus weaving in subtle messages to potentially increase your sale total. Our team at TNTMAX can make sure your visitors find exactly what they’re looking for with ease, while introducing them to all of the add-ons and extra features your company could offer.

Free Up Your Time and Talents

We know that being a business owner comes with an incredible amount of work. You already have an endless to-do list; let TNTMAX help you check “make a stunning website” off your list.

Give them a call or shoot them an email to set up a consult, and let them take it from there. In the end, you’ll have a site you can genuinely be proud of that exceeds all your expectations. As an added bonus, you’ve freed up your time to go work on that passion that drives you.

You do an incredible job at your work. Your business is second to none, right? Then let our team at TNTMAX show you why our business is second to none, too.  Let us put our passion to work for you to make sure that your website is extraordinary and conveys your passion for your business. Give us a call or send us a message and let us put our expertise to work for you!