How Software Companies in New Jersey Make Your Garden State Small Business More Efficient

October 20, 2018by TNTMAX

How Software Companies in New Jersey Make Your Garden State Small Business More Efficient

Small businesses are the powerhouse of the US economy.  In fact, firms with less than 20 workers form almost 90% of the businesses in the US. The vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem is fueled by innovation, which is why business owners need to make sure that the company is running efficiently.  The bottom line is that efficient businesses reduce costs and increase profits.

One area in which innovation through technology can directly benefit a small business is in using custom software.

Customer service portals, exclusive client subscription membership options, reservation and appointment booking online or from an app… all these are examples of how small businesses could utilize custom software.  And those are just from the customers’ point of view!

As a manager, imagine if all of the members of your team were linked with cloud-based communication, production flow management, inventory control, or project process automation system.  Programs like these increase work efficiency, ensure accurate at-a-glance inventory counts, and help management and customer service staff know exactly when to expect services and products to be ready.

What about an automated customer relationship management program that nurtures your relationship with existing clientele to encourage repeat business without you having to hire additional staff to send postcards and update spreadsheets? CRMs like this fall into the scope of management software that could be customized specifically to your business.


Custom Software Versus Off-the-Shelf Options

There are already several off-the-shelf programs that function in the ways mentioned above. Some are kits that your business can purchase and install, customizing many of the features as you go. Some are cloud- or web-based that allow you to pay as you go.

Even though these tools claim to be quick to install and customize, they tend not to be flexible or scalable. Many times, after the software has been installed, owners realize huge gaps between key functions and processes.

This is why it’s helpful for business owners to pick a software development company that offers custom built software for their business.  Keeping the core functions of your business in mind while developing your software will allow your tech developer to provide you with a wide range of advantages over ready-made software.

Also, template style, off-the-shelf software typically have large license fees attached.  Those fees will even need to be renewed annually.

Additionally, once you’ve gotten an off-the-shelf program installed, you may face difficulty in finding suitable training for your software.  If you’re one of thousands of other businesses utilizing the same program, you can bet that hold times on their customer service lines will be long.

Why Software Companies in New Jersey Can Help Your Local Business

If you have a business in the Garden State, you should turn to TNTMAX, one of the top software companies  in New Jersey. Working with a local provide means that the tech developers can come right to your office or store to observe first hand how you do business.  No amount of Skype calls can replace the understanding that one can get from witnessing the production flow, observing typical customer service interactions, and really understanding where there may be bottlenecks in your business’s work flow.

TNTMAX is in Bergen County, New Jersey, and is proud to be considered one of the top software development companies in NJ.  Though the majority of our work can be done remotely and we have clients from all over the country, we love supporting our local businesses right here in Bergen County and Rockland County.

Examples of How Customized Software Could Work for Your Business

Have you ever been to an office that encouraged you to sign up for their custom app? You might be wondering why on earth a place like, say, a veterinary clinic would need their own app, and how would downloading another app would benefit you as a client.

Developing industry-specific apps is exactly the type of service that TNTMAX loves to work with small businesses on.  Here are some examples of how a custom app could help your business to work efficiently and offer an added touch of convenience for your customers.

Allow Clients to Book Appointments 24/7 With an App.  Let’s look back at that veterinary office example.  Picture yourself coming home from work one evening to discover that your dog Max is lying lethargically under the table. He hasn’t touched his food, and you’re worried.

You don’t remember what time your vet office opens in the morning, but you do know you have a limited window on your lunch break tomorrow to slip out and take Max to see the vet.

Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could use your vet office’s app right then to schedule an appointment for Max at precisely 12:30 the next day, during your lunch break? No waiting until morning, no sitting on hold. With one quick touch of a button in your kitchen at 11pm, you’ve got the situation handled.


Automate Reminder Texts & Emails for Upcoming Appointments.

Here’s another great use of a custom software application for your company. A program that will scan the list of next-day appointments and send out a text or email reminder to the client would eliminate hours of work for your staff each week.  Plus, it will benefit your customers by getting a gentle reminder in case they forgot about their upcoming appointment.  (Perhaps their dog suddenly came down sick, and their day tomorrow has become re-routed with an appointment at the vet.  By using your app, they can reschedule their appointment with you for another time, and you are now able to fill that appointment with another customer. )

Automatically Touch Base with Past Customers When It’s Time to Renew.  Fast forward 6 months – it’s time for Max to renew his annual vaccinations! But, since you’ve just been at the vet with him recently for his illness, you’ve forgotten.

A vet clinic could utilize customized software for entering seasonal vaccination requirements for a variety of different pet types.  The program could send out reminders to clients whose pets need to renew.  It could even cross reference the types of vaccinations with your inventory to ensure that you have the necessary doses on hand when your customer comes in.   It could even remind your office to replenish your supply of syringes and gloves when supply is running low.

There are endless combinations of specific renewals for customers that could be customized to your industry.

Auto mechanic? Alert your customers that it’s time to change the oil and flush fluids.

Landscaping business? Remind customers that you’ll be by to treat the lawn next weekend, and remind them that next month is the optimal time for tree trimming!

Home insurance agency? Let your clients know that their seasonal payments are due, and remind them that it’s time to change out the batteries in their smoke detectors.

Keep Workflow Organized:

You’ve got hundreds of moving parts in your work flow every day. Sure, there are some great project management tools available off-the-shelf that you can spend a few hours customizing to your industry’s daily tasks.

But wouldn’t it be easier if there were a program that already had every component to your work cataloged to ensure you don’t miss a single step?

A great example of customized operational management in action is dance studio management software.  Being a world class dancer doesn’t mean one also knows how to automate billing, register students online, and ensure that your studios aren’t double booked for classes.

Therefore, custom dance studio management software could make it easy to organize classes through a centralized, cloud-based website to show up-to-date registration to manage studio capacity.

With 3 or 4 studios in operation at any given time, balancing 30-40 different classes in 10 different genres with over 200 students and 8 instructors…it gets a bit too complicated for a dry-erase board.

Custom software can address the studio management to ensure that teachers can view the schedule at any time from their phone or home computer. They can see how many students to prepare for in each class and upload a supplies list required by each student. Parents can get an alert with the supplies list to ensure they have everything their child needs for class the next week.  And you, as the business owner, can oversee all of it to see which classes are most active and adding revenue!

Create Scalable Management for Franchise Opportunities

One of the biggest benefits of investing early in company-specific software for your business is scalability.  When it’s time to start considering franchise opportunities, you have an incredibly valuable tool.

Franchise locations won’t have to start from scratch with their organizational tools. If your company already has all of the moving parts of your workflow, customer management programs, inventory systems, and digital marketing campaigns set up in your custom software, you can simply add new locations to the program and franchisees will be able to hit the ground running.

It also allows you to manage your franchises and oversee the big picture easily and with precision to keep an eye on which locations are flourishing and which might be struggling.

What Software Companies in New Jersey Offer These Custom Options?

In this growing economy, it is important for every business to grow and adapt according to the demands of their users while ensuring that their core goals are met.

One of such software companies in New Jersey is TNTMAX. TNTMAX’s custom software solutions are helping the Garden State business to flourish with increased efficiency and boosted revenue. We assist in developing tailor-made software for small business so that they can oversee daily workflow and offer extra customer service conveniences.

At TNTMAX, our team not only focuses on programming services – our software engineers have a wealth of experience in building web applications & mobile applications. We also have expertise and experience in many verticals and business domains, including e-Commerce, Time-Tracking, Analytics, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and more. With over two decades in the Information Technology business, our team is fluent in numerous languages such as React, Redux, C++, C#, ASP.NET, Visual Basic, PHP, HTML5, Node.js, Java, Python, JavaScript, and more. TNTMAX develops integrative software solutions that bridge innovation and creativity with efficiency and user-friendliness for better product engagement. Software development services include (but are not limited to) system integration, online product catalogues, system migration, responsive websites and applications, content management systems, off the shelf application selection, and more.




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