Gartner Identifies Top Strategic Imperatives for HR Technology in 2023

February 24, 2023by TNTMAX

A recent Gartner survey of 138 HR technology leaders has revealed that the three most important HR technologies this year are skills management, learning experience platforms and internal talent marketplaces. 

“With a tumultuous global economy, HR leaders face a balancing act in 2023,” said Sam Grinter, director in the Gartner HR practice, in a press release. “Leaders must anticipate greater levels of accountability and demand for measurable outcomes to justify new technology investments.”

Below are key findings from the report: 

Top Priorities 

Driving better business outcomes was the number one strategic priority for HR technology transformation over the next three years for 44% of HR leaders in the report. Growth in headcount and skills (26%) and cost optimization (17%) were ranked as the second and third most important priorities.

Top Barriers  

Research from Gartner shows the top three hurdles for personnel leaders are ensuring ongoing adoption of human resource technology (57%) among key stakeholders – employees, managers and HR, justifying personnel technology investments (46%) and developing and maintaining a strategic roadmap for HR technology transformation (43%).

Current and Emerging Technologies

Many human resource leaders will also focus on deployment and optimization of existing technology decisions this year. The following areas were seen as the most important technology: skills management (51%), learning experience platforms (41%) and internal talent marketplaces (32%).

Employee Satisfaction

Notably, 43% of personnel officers believe their employees are satisfied with the human resources technology used by their organization. The rest of the survey participants reported their employees are either neutral or unsatisfied.

Human Resources and IT Collaboration 

Thirty-nine percent of Human Resource technology leaders specified they define their own HR  strategy with support from the IT department, while 45% share leadership between IT and HR. 

Read the full release here

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