Survey: Cloud Migration Up Among Organizations

March 10, 2023by TNTMAX

With fewer costs and greater scalability, more and more businesses are moving to the cloud. However, the transition must be handled properly. This is something that Palo Alto Networks explores in their recent report called The State of Cloud-Native Security.

Among the key findings was that, though cloud use is increasing, businesses are sometimes neglecting security requirements in critical stages of the development process.

Here are a few more of the report’s most notable insights: 

Cloud Migration is Still Growing

In 2023, organizations have shifted toward more public hosting of their cloud workloads.

In fact, 53% percent of cloud workloads are hosted on public clouds, an increase of 8% in the past year. Platform as a service (PaaS) and serverless were the dominant application execution environments.

So, what drives organizations to expand to the cloud? The top reason was building new and expanding existing products and services, followed by the desire to increase efficiency and agility. However, security considerations continue to impede the ability of enterprises to address risks and take advantage of the cloud.

Over Two-Thirds Reported Higher Cloud Costs Than Expected

Organizations spent the largest proportion of their total cost of ownership (TCO) toward application migration costs, on average. Despite this, all but one respondent said they will be expanding their cloud in the future. 

Survey respondents also reported a 13% increase of workload moved to the cloud since the previous year and expect a further increase of 11% in the next 24 months. A greater number of C-suite respondents calculate TCO as higher than expected (70%+) vs practitioner-level respondents (63%). Additionally, almost 60% of C-suite respondents reported higher than expected security costs as compared to less than 50% of practitioners.

Obstacles To Cloud Adoption And Expansion

While application and workload cloud migration is high, the growth rate is still lower than last year. This can somewhat be attributed to current macroeconomic conditions. When asked about the challenges they have faced in moving to the cloud, the top five responses given by organizations were not financially related. There were as follows: 

  1. Technical complexity
  2. Lack of talent and/or consulting services
  3. Maintaining comprehensive security
  4. Lack of visibility across services and providers
  5. Meeting compliance requirements

Notably, 77% of organizations reported struggling to identify what security tools are necessary to achieve their objectives, while 76% say the number of cloud security tools they use create blind spots. 

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