The Dangers of Saving Your Login Credentials

April 8, 2022by TNTMAX

Being able to save your passwords in your browser may be convenient, but it could cost you more than you think.

Unfortunately, web browsers do not do a great job at keeping passwords, credit-card numbers, and personal details, safe. They are also fairly easy to break into, and malware, browser extensions and even honest software can extract sensitive information from them, according to a report from Tom’s Guide (March 1).

One example of this is a piece of malware called RedLine which steals passwords and other sensitive data from most browsers on Windows, including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Opera, and Brave.

Apple users aren’t immune either. A cross-platform malware called XLoader steals passwords from both Macs and PCs alike.

These are just a few examples.

TNTMAX recently conducted a study of user behaviors regarding how they manage their login credentials on applications such as Amazon, Salesforce, Uber, and even online banking sites. We found that users seem to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of logins and passwords they must remember and most reported saving their login credentials using their web browser’s password manager.

Further, many of these users reuse the same password, or use a very similar variation, repeatedly. This is “a big no-no,” according to TNTMAX President, Frederic Farcy.

“In today’s excessively dangerous cyber security landscape, we know that the threat actors targeting users have many tools at their disposal that make harvesting user credentials a very easy task,” he said.

At TNTMAX, we strongly encourage our clients to use a strong password manager with multi-factor authentication to minimize risk. Examples include:

“So, learn, protect and repeat,” said Farcy. “Cyber security is a security layered game, where one protective layer is not enough. You need multiple layers to protect yourself and your business.”

For more information on how to turn off the built-in password manager in your browser, click here.

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