TNTMAX Named as a Township of Wyckoff Certified Green Business

May 12, 2023by TNTMAX

TNTMAX is now a Township of Wyckoff Certified Green Business. The certification recognizes local businesses that pledge to implement environmentally sustainable best practices and commit to reducing and conserving valuable resources, protecting the environment, and helping to reduce their carbon footprint.

Here’s how TNTMAX is doing its part to keep the community green: 

Waste Management

  • Designates a recycling coordinator to take responsibility for monitoring and maintaining a recycling and/or composting program. 
  • Provides clearly laled containers for recycling
  • Practices efficient printing/copying (ex: double-sided printing, reducing font sizes)
  • Recycles laser printer cartridges
  • Reduces unwanted mail and purges our own mailing list for duplicates
  • Donates, sells or exchanges unwanted but usable items
  • Purchases refurbished equipment/furniture
  • Requests and purchases eco-friendly products from vendors and suppliers
  • Encourages employees to bring refillable cups/mugs
  • Recycles shipping material such as Styrofoam at town wide recycling events; recycles plastic film and bubble wrap at local retailers
  • Eliminates individual water bottles
  • Emails employee communications or posts in a single location to reduce printed paper copies
  • Uses an electronic scheduling and payroll system
  • Repurposes or recycle old technology equipment


  • Performs regular maintenance of HVAC 
  • Uses lighting controls
  • Purchases Energy Star products/equipment 
  • Sets energy saver feature on photocopiers
  • Turns off/unplugs equipment when not in use
  • Caulks or weatherstrips windows and doors 


  • Cleans outdoor areas with broom or damp mop rather than a hose
  • Installed drip irrigation; adjusts sprinkler times according to season and follows local water restrictions


  • Cleans up litter and debris in front of the business on a regular basis
  • Keeps storm drains in front of the business free and clear during storms
  • Publicizes sustainable best practices 

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