Top Takeaways from Apple’s WWDC 2022

June 8, 2022by TNTMAX

If you missed Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference 2022, here are six of the biggest updates you can expect from the company in the near future (via: The Verge):

Apple Pay Later

Apple is launching its own take on the “buy now, pay later” trend called Apple Pay Later.

Users will be able to pay for purchases in four installments over six weeks without interest. The first payment is made up front and the other three every two weeks. Payments will be managed through the Wallet app and can be paid in advance if desired.

Fitness App Comes to All iPhone Users

The Fitness app will soon be available to all iPhone users after only being available to those who had an Apple Watch.

The iPhone Fitness app will use the phone’s motion sensors to track metrics like steps and what is tracked can be put toward closing rings each day.

New Health-Tracking Features for WatchOS9

For those who do have an Apple Watch, there will be an added number of new health-tracking features such as new running metrics, atrial fibrillation tracking, and medication reminders.

Passkey Replaces Passwords

macOS 13 Ventura is adding support for a feature called Apple Passkeys in Safari, a sign-in standard that’s built with cross-platform support to enable logins that don’t use passwords at all.

It essentially replaces the password, letting users sign in to various websites with just an iPhone or Mac.

Continuity Camera

The new Continuity Camera features, part of macOS Ventura, allows Macbook users to clip an iPhone to the top of their laptop and using the camera to improve video calls in FaceTime, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and more.

Apple says it’s working with Belkin on stands that will be released later this year to make it easy to hold an iPhone in place above a MacBook’s display.

Revamped Customizable Lock Screen

In iOS16, there will be a revamped and customizable lockscreen interface which lets users add custom wallpapers, change the data and time’s font and color, as well as add new widgets for weather, activity rings, calendar events, and more.

Live Activities will also allow users to pin and manage notifications, such as live sports scores, on your lock screen. Apple is also introducing hideable notifications that appear at the bottom of the lock screen.