What Do the Experts Have to Say About AI and Cybersecurity?

April 5, 2024by TNTMAX

This year, we’re seeing more and more artificial intelligence (AI) being used in different kinds of technology. One area where AI is expected to have an impact is in keeping computer systems safe from cyber attacks

But experts don’t all agree on how much AI will change the way companies protect themselves from cyber threats. Let’s take a closer look at what people on both sides of the argument think.

Embracing AI for Enhanced Cybersecurity

According to a recent survey by Google Cloud and the Cloud Security Alliance, 55% of companies worldwide plan to use AI to beef up their cybersecurity efforts in 2024. This idea is backed up by 63% of IT and security pros who think AI will be really important in making cybersecurity defenses better.

Those in support of using AI in cybersecurity say it could completely change the way we protect against online threats. They believe AI-powered tools could quickly spot new dangers and help us react before they cause any damage. 

Skepticism and Concerns

However, not everyone shares the same optimism regarding the role of AI in cybersecurity. The survey reveals that 36% of respondents remain either neutral or skeptical about AI’s potential to improve cybersecurity within their organizations. Some express concerns that AI could inadvertently benefit malicious actors, potentially amplifying cyber threats rather than mitigating them.

A quarter of the surveyed professionals believe that AI could ultimately serve the interests of hackers, underscoring apprehensions about the unintended consequences of widespread AI adoption in cybersecurity. Additionally, there are reservations about an over-reliance on AI tools, with experts cautioning against implementation without enough staff education and training.

Striking a Balance 

As businesses navigate the evolving cybersecurity landscape, it’s important to adopt a balanced and informed approach to AI integration. While AI offers great chances to boost our defenses, it also brings some challenges that we need to handle carefully.

To make the most of AI in cybersecurity while managing risks, it’s important for leaders to have a solid strategy. This should include making sure everyone on the team understands AI and gets the right training.

More importantly, the debate about AI and cybersecurity highlights the need for ongoing conversations and training among organizations. We need to use AI’s potential to change things for the better while making sure we’re ready for any new threats that come our way. As technology keeps changing, staying flexible and well-informed will be key to staying safe in cybersecurity.

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