Why Professional Sales Copywriting is Critical to Your Company’s Web Design: Bergen County, NJ‘s Digital Marketing Dream Team

November 2, 2018by TNTMAX

In today’s world, as more and more people look to the internet to find products and services, consumers vet businesses online before becoming patrons. That’s why it’s increasingly important to have an excellent web presence.

Think about it: your webpage can be a huge asset in attracting customers, helping you grow your business and increasing revenue.

That is, of course, if you’re using it the right way—by implementing effective web design. Bergen County, NJ businesses all ultimately have the same goals:

You want your company to be successful.

You want your business to shine on the web as much as it does in every other realm.

You want a strong website that makes a powerful impression on whoever happens upon it; a website that will effectively pull people in, keep them there and ultimately inspire them to action.

What action is that?

The action of supporting your business.

Lucky for you, TNTMAX has assembled a dream team to put together the perfect website for you and your company. This team is made up of graphic designers, professional sales copywriters, web developers, and experts in web design. Bergen County, NJ businesses will benefit from the well-rounded, whole-picture approach TNTMAX takes when designing your website.

TNTMAX is devoted to representing your brand through a customized, clean web design with a user-friendly interface.

It’s important to create a visually effective website with easy navigation. A great website plays on the senses and works intuitively.

It’s also important to engage the mind. And this is the real secret to an excellent web presence.

Think about the first thing a person does when they open a website: their eyes are immediately drawn to bright colors, photos or other visuals.  But once they’ve taken in the eye candy, your copy should offer more substance for the consumer to be drawn in. Well-written sales copy acts as a hook, pulling readers into a more intimate foray into the world of your business.

There are a million reasons why excellent, professional copy is critical for having and maintaining an excellent website. Pulling people in and keeping them viewing your site is only the beginning. Let’s dive a bit deeper into why a professional copywriter is critical to engage viewers and drive sales from your website.

What is Copywriting?

A BIG part of having a website is keeping it alive, vibrant, relevant and fresh. And how do you do this? Brilliant sales copy.

Copy is the writing that pulls people in, tells them who you are, and finally, sells the product or service.

Copy is the substance of a website. Without the written word, viewers will glance at your images and move on quickly.

The writing—the copy— tells a story: your story. The pictures, the logo, the brand copy – all of these elements complement each other to create an entire experience of your unique brand.

More specifically, sales copywriting is writing that encourages readers to take an action of some sort: buy a product; sign up for a newsletter; click on this; check out that. The sales copy is your first opportunity to make your sales pitch. It is a type of writing that involves persuasion, salesmanship, and marketing.

Good copy will make people want to engage with your company.

A good copywriter does more than just write. They must have marketing skills, understand how to draw in a reader, and inspire them to action.  A good copywriter transforms a web browser into a customer.

A copywriter writes using the voice of your business, relaying the ethos of your company while connecting with the reader.

And beyond all this, a professional sales copywriter knows how to work to the algorithms of the internet and play the search engine game to get your business coming up hot in search results.

Understanding how web traffic works is a huge part of a copywriter’s job. Here are four reasons having fresh copy on your website will translate to a healthy business offline as well.


A Few Reasons How Great Website Copy Will Grow Your Business – SEO & More


  1. Time Spent on Your Page Equates to Higher Rankings


Search engines base search results on a number of factors, including how much time browsers spend on your page. What this means is this: the more time people spend on your site, the higher your site ranks with Google and other search engines. The higher your site ranks, the easier it will be for potential new customers to discover your company.


This is, of course, a very good goal since most people only click on the first page of results.  And what is one very good way to keep people spending more time on your site to improve those rankings?


Through compelling copy, of course!


A blog can be especially helpful in this department, keeping people clicking through all of the information your company experts have to provide in your industry.


  1. Good Copy Increases Website Traffic (And Increasing Website Traffic Increases Business!)


For example, let’s say you have a business selling baking pans, and you have a blog with lots of recipes and practical tips on how to make the best cherry pie.  Now, say somebody is searching for how to bake a cherry pie, and your article shows up in the results.


When they click on this very helpful article and see that it comes from a baking pan company, they’ll think, “What cute pie pans! As a matter of fact…I think I need a new pie pan…”


You get the idea.


Even if they don’t buy the pan right now, you’d better believe they will remember your baking pan company when the time does come to buy a new set. You’ve been seen, and thanks to the sweet, little article on cherry pie, you’ll be appreciated—and remembered.


Helpful, informative, and interesting content (like a blog or regularly published articles) is one of the best ways to increase website traffic and attract new potential customers. Increase web traffic, increase sales.


Now, not all business owners have time to write articles about various aspects of their industry. That’s why outsourcing your blog to a professional copywriter is a great way to take advantage of a trained professional who does nothing but put their experience to work for your company.


  1. Copy Can Propel You to Be a Leader in Your Field


Having a blog with thoughtful posts can show your community that you are a leader in your field. After all, if you’re online telling people all about what makes one pie pan different from another, they’ll recognize your expertise in various baking products and techniques.


A blog that conveys your expertise and passion can convert a cold lead who is just browsing into a warm lead that trusts your brand name long before they even browse your shop.


This is why you want to invest in thoughtful, well-rounded web design. Bergen County NJ businesses can be leaders with a professional website and a solid online following. Which brings us to our next point:



  1. Copy Helps You Develop a Loyal Following


In addition to attracting new customers, having a good blog will also please current customers. In fact, it’s a great way to develop more interaction with your customer base. People in today’s market appreciate a brand with personality.  Plus, people love to know how, why and where; they love to peek behind-the-scenes of businesses. Having a blog that provides useful or engaging information is a great way to attract support from loyal customers.  Not only will they return for more themselves, but they’ll also recommend you to others.

Why It’s Worth Investing in a Professional Copywriter

By now you are surely beginning to understand how valuable it is to your business’s web design to have good copywriting. Bergen County, NJ businesses can take their web presence to a whole new level by including excellent copy.

But why would you want to hire a professional copywriter to do the job, when you could just whip up something yourself?

If you want your copy to be effective at fulfilling all of the aforementioned goals, you need someone who understands three things: how to write, how to market and how to play to the internet’s search algorithms (AKA, Search Engine Optimization or SEO).

Trying to write effective copy that represents your brand while at the same time speaking to your audience and to the machines that organize all the information on the web—well, it can really divert energy from your business’s other essential tasks. Why not outsource the writing to someone who really knows all the ins and outs of copywriting?

Afterall, good copy will pay for itself with a strong ROI.

That’s why TNTMAX invests in top quality, professional copywriters to complement their stunning web designs.

With custom web designs from TNTMAX, you’re entrusting your initial digital sales pitches to a seasoned sales copywriter. Our team of content writers knows how to target an audience and draw them in; someone who can write compelling content, while also navigating the always-evolving digital marketing world; someone who is properly trained to know the tricks of the trade!

Speaking of tricks of the trade, did you know:

  • According to Copyblogger, on average, 8 out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest of your page.
  • Or that visitors to a webpage usually only read about 20% of the content, according to the Nielson Norman Group (a group entirely devoted to research-based user experience).

Because a professional copywriter is trained to know figures like these (and many more), they also know how to utilize this knowledge by paying special attention to headline copy and making sure the important points stand out on the page.


This is just one example of ways that copywriters have learned to manipulate their writing to benefit you! Investing in a copywriter will really scale up the effectiveness of your marketing.


What Are You Waiting For?

If your Jersey-based business is ready to explore options for a gorgeous, custom web design, Bergen County, NJ ’s TNTMAX is a great place to start. Along with beautiful, professionally-customized web design, they can hook you up with professional sales copywriting that will take your business to the next level.